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THE FOOD AND FERTILIZER TECHNOLOGY CENTER (FFTC) is an international agricultural organization. It has served small-scale farmers in the Asian and Pacific region since 1970 by bringing them information about new agricultural technology. This information has been provided free of charge to extension workers, researchers and scientists, and others who act as multipliers of information. From the year of 2014, FFTC initiated a survey to collect information on tropical fruit production and marketing in Southeast Asia. Based on the results of the survey, dragon fruit was identified as a very promising industry because of its growing market, its health benefits and exotic and tropical allure. The DFNET website, therefore, is part of the ongoing efforts and the aims is to form a network of dragon fruit experts and enthusiasts.

The Center is based in Taipei, Taiwan ROC, and its staff are drawn from countries in the Asian and Pacific region. The Center is internationally funded, and works in close cooperation with other interational and national agricultural agencies.

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